What is CakeBet?

CakeBet is a Bitcoin Casino that makes betting with bitcoin a piece of cake. We currently specialize in multiplayer Blackjack and Dice which you can play for free and with Bitcoin. Whether you are lounging in the warm sand by the gentle roar of the ocean with your phone or taking a break on your computer in bed, with CakeBet, you can Win Anywhere.

Winning on CakeBet is both fun and deliciously fast. When you start to have consecutive wins, you unlock a Coin Sprinkle, which is free Bitcoin given to you and everyone at the table. Think of it as winning a round of drinks for yourself and everyone at the table. Coin Sprinkles are easier as you increase your bet and can add up quickly when everyone at the table has consecutive wins. When it comes time to cash out your winnings, withdrawing takes mere seconds to complete; have your cake and eat it!

A wise baker once said, a bakery is only as good as long as its customers are smiling and coming back for more tasty treats. We follow this principle to the sugar drop and are at your side if you need anything or want to say hello, reach us at support@cakebet.com.